il giardino delle fate: la Petrosa

EUENV11A-NATURA2000-2016 - Post_Apply_now

Candidatura progetto di comunicazione ambientale

“Land of value: La Petrosa, fairies’ garden”

 NATURA2000 award 2016

The Natura 2000 site related to this project is “La Petrosa”. It belongs entirely to the National Park of Pollino, in the municipality of Castrovillari. Its name is derived from the presence of a stony soil and a steppe-like environment. In this area, it is possible to find Stipa austroitalica (known as fairies’ grass) and various species protected by the Habitats Directive. This site is characterized by a spectacular landscape surrounded to the north by the highest peaks in southern Italy (Serra Dolcedorme, 2 267 m) extending towards the Ionian coast and the Plain of Sibari.

The public mind-set does not realise the ecological importance of these dry and stony areas. For this reason, the project has worked to emphasize the ecological importance of environments that are considered to be of little value for man, by showing their high level of biodiversity. Therefore, knowledge, communication and valorization are the elements that characterize the project actions.

The activities take inspiration from the initiative of I.T.G Calvosa High School in Castrovillari, during the LIFE Project competition: Fa.Re.Na.It together for the Natura 2000 Network – “La Mia Terra Vale” (My Land Has Value). A study was conducted dealing with the ideation of a project for the valorization of the area: “The path of the orchids”. The CEA – Pollino operators’ support has contributed to communication via a conference. This introduced the results and the subsequent intervention plan to promote and communicate gathered data, by publicizing study and research activities besides the preliminary planning of accessible paths and characterization of area.